Fort Ross uniquely situated on the majestic Sonoma Coast between the historic Fort Ross Russian settlement and Salt Point State Park. Just below lies a sheltered cove where seals lounge on rocky outcroppings and grey whales rest with their new calves on their migratory journey north. Absolutely breathtaking!

The scenery is always spectacular, boasting endless sea vistas, meadows of fragrant wildflowers, and emerald forests of pine, fir, madrone, and redwood. Offshore rocks form natural arches and there are plenty of secluded coves. Each season hosts an array of special gifts such as the departure and return of migrating birds, the elusive spring trilliums, sun ripened wild huckleberries, and thundering winter surf. The entire area is pristine, renowned for its incredible biological diversity and natural and cultural resources. There is a young Great Blue Heron that visits here regularly.

We invite you to enjoy a relaxing stay with us. Unwind in the sheltered hot tub and sauna.

Reflecting the tones and hues of nature's beauties, each is as cozy and as individual as a friends guestroom.